630KVA Transformer Substation | 100m 22kV Underground Cable

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The Garmex Saigon Company constructed a factory at 14/5 National Road 22, Chanh 2 Hamlet, Tan Xuan Commune, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project information: The project involves the construction of a 100m underground 22kV cable and a 630kVA substation. Project name: XDM 22kV underground cable line & 1000kVA substation at Garmex Saigon May Factory Location: 14/5 National Road 22, Chanh 2 Hamlet, Tan Xuan Commune, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City Connection voltage level: 22kV Completion date: August 12, 2020.


Before signing a turnkey contract with the contractor for the 630KVA substation, customers should refer to some relevant regulations HERE.

The 630KVA substation is installed on two 14m high BTLT columns.

It is used to transmit electricity from the 22KV grid along National Highway 22 to the power consumption area, which is the boiler area of the factory, about 100 meters from the connection point on National Highway 22. This type of substation has both high and low voltage equipment suspended on two centrifugal concrete columns BTLT 14m high. The substation includes a 3-phase 22 kV/0.4 kV 630kva transformer, placed on a steel frame that has been fixed between the two columns. The distance between two BTLT columns is usually from 2.4m – 3.2m, measured from the center of the column.

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Excavating pits for planting 14m BTLT poles

Starting from this stage, Quang Anh Electrical Construction must establish a specific construction plan and schedule for each day and week, and register it in advance with the Hoc Mon Power Company. This is to ensure that the construction progresses on schedule and is accepted for commissioning and to power the 630KVA substation.

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Installation and alignment of 14m BTLT poles

Due to the time-consuming nature of installing and dismantling 630KVA transformer support poles, precision is required to determine the landmark, pole foundation, and height accurately.


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Installation of 2 14m high transmission line towers, casting of tower foundation, and installation of transformer support frames

The 14m high transmission line towers are buried 2m deep, with the tower foundation cast 0.5m deep. The distance between the two towers can be close to each other or 2.4-3.2m apart measured from the center of the towers. Transformer support frames will also be installed.

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Cutting hot asphalt concrete road surface before digging underground cable trench

The 22kV medium voltage cable from the QL22 pole connection point to the 630KVA transformer substation is an underground cable route. To ensure the aesthetics and technical requirements of the construction, it is necessary to cut the road surface according to the design size before digging the cable trench. This avoids causing landslides and damaging the area around the underground cable trench.

-Prepare the ground, determine the location, and route of the project.

-Dig the cable trench according to the construction drawing design for underground cable cases.

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Excavation of submarine cable trench during the night to ensure traffic flow and transportation of goods within the factory premises.

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Transporting waste soil and rock at night

  • Workers at Quang Anh Electrical Construction site are always reminded of occupational safety measures and must be fully equipped with personal protective equipment, reflective clothing when working at night.
  • Always comply with occupational safety measures, traffic safety, and site sanitation regulations in accordance with state regulations and the electricity sector.
  • Quang Anh Electrical Construction always prepares full equipment, tools, materials, equipment, and workers before construction.

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Dealing with the incident of hitting a large rock while excavating a 22kV underground trench.


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Excavation of 24kV 3x50mm2 underground cable trench

  • The excavated soil must be transported by truck and dumped immediately during the night to avoid affecting the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

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Pulling out HDPE pipes to protect 24KV 3x50mm2 medium voltage submarine cables.

To pull the HDPE pipe to protect the 24KV 3x50mm2 medium voltage submarine cable, the following steps need to be taken:

Prepare all necessary tools and materials such as HDPE pipes, couplings, clamps, hooks, pull wires, hammer, flow stoppage, pipe welding machine, etc.

Carry out excavation on the approved terrain drawing. The excavation must ensure sufficient depth and width for the installation of HDPE pipes.

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Then, install the HDPE pipes and related accessories such as couplings, clamps, and hooks along the length of the excavation.

Proceed to weld the HDPE pipes to the accessories using the pipe welding machine.

After welding, check and test the tightness of the welded joints and accessories.

Place the HDPE pipe into the excavation and fill the ground firmly.

After filling, measure and check again to ensure that the depth and width of the excavation meet the technical requirements.

Note: During the installation and pulling of the HDPE pipe, it is necessary to comply with labor safety regulations and ensure no harm is caused to the surrounding environment.

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Filling ditches, placing warning tape for underground cables

  • Fill the ditch bottom with compacted sand and stone (as designed), lay the underground cable, cover it with sand and compact it lightly, place protective bricks over the cable, fill the ditch with compacted soil, and place a high-voltage cable warning tape.


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Fixing the issue of a broken existing low-voltage submarine cable without any infrastructure drawings and unclear routes within the factory.

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630kva substation

Installing the submarine 24kv 3x50mm2 medium voltage cable head at the construction site involves several steps. First, the cable end is prepared by stripping the insulation and cleaning the conductor. Then, the cable head is crimped onto the conductor and checked for proper installation. The cable head is then filled with insulation material and tested for electrical continuity. Finally, the cable head is sealed with epoxy to prevent moisture ingress. This process ensures a secure and reliable connection for the submarine cable at the construction site.

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630kva substation

Install underground medium voltage cable 24kv 3x50mm2

  • After the foundation of the BTLT column reaches the required strength for installation, which usually takes around 3 days, the exact position of the landmark and the transformer station foundation is determined. The 630KVA transformer substation is then installed in the exact position on the foundation as specified in the approved shop drawing.
  • It is important to arrange the construction teams in groups to complete each task of the installation of the BTLT column, 630KVA transformer substation and the support for the transformer. This is to avoid mistakes in locating, deviation or repeated installation that can cause delays in construction.
  • Construction should be done according to the design, in case of obstacles or any problem during the construction, the construction team is recommended to immediately work with the design team and relevant parties.

MSB Cabinet

630kva substation

The MSB cabinet consists of a 630KVA substation, a 1000A MCCB cabinet, and a power meter which is installed with a low voltage compensation cabinet of 320KVar. The cabinet uses MCCB, Mitsubishi contactor from Japan and low voltage compensation capacitor from Epcos.

This cabinet is hung on the support beam beneath the transformer and is used to calculate the power consumption, protect the low voltage side and compensate reactive power for the electrical system.


630kva substation

Tủ này được treo ở xà đỡ phía dưới máy biến áp. Dùng để tính toán công suất sử dụng điện, bảo vệ phía hạ áp và bù công suất phản kháng cho hệ thống điện.

630kva substation

Vận  chuyển  tủ điện  trạm  vào  vị  trí  lắp đặt

630kva substation

Hoisting the Thibidi 630KVA transformer to the installation position

-Perform marking work with ink on the position of the 630KVA transformer on the rack, according to the approved shop drawing.

-Check the position of the foundation, mark the position of the bolts that secure the 630KVA transformer.

-The Electrical Construction Quang Anh company hoists the transformer to the designated position on the 630KVA rack, while the hoist must have a protective box on the face of the machine to avoid collisions during installation.

-When installing accessories, tools must not be allowed to fall onto the surface of the machine.


630kva substation

630kva substation


Connect the CX25mm2 cable to the 630KVA Thibidi transformer.

630kva substation

Perform final connection and testing of the MSB cabinet, as well as install 320KVar reactive power compensation.

630kva substation

Complete connection and test of the MSB cabinet, install 320KVar reactive power compensation.

630kva substation

Installation of cable ducts, cable pulling for 240mm2 low voltage outgoing cables of 630KVA transformer.

The medium voltage equipment, 630KVA transformer with 18KV, 10KA LA, FCO, and insulators are securely fixed on hot-dipped galvanized steel frames that meet technical standards.

Safe grounding wires, CSV ground wires, and transformer neutral are installed into the grounding system.

Connect the cables to the 630KVA transformer.

630kva substation


Completing the connection of 630kVA transformer substation.

Completing the connection of 630KVA transformer station includes the following tasks:

  • Checking and installing necessary accessories and equipment for the transformer station, including controllers, control panels, transformers, generators, electrical cables and conduits, monitoring and protection systems, etc.
  • Connecting the accessories and equipment together in accordance with the drawings, designs, and work procedures.
  • Conducting tests and verifying the full functionality of the transformer station, including circuit breaker tests, insulation resistance measurement, voltage measurement, current measurement, reactive power measurement, etc.
  • Arranging, installing and configuring monitoring and protection software and equipment for the transformer station.
  • Adjusting and checking the monitoring and protection system of the transformer station to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.
  • Preparing reports on testing, verification and acceptance of the completed 630KVA transformer station.
  • Training and instructing customers on how to use and maintain the transformer station properly.

630kva substation

630kva substation

Use a cable trench compactor before pouring the concrete surface.

630kva substation

Pouring concrete to restore the underground cable trench and cleaning up the construction waste.

630kva substation

Installing warning markers for submarine cables

-Install warning markers and cable markers according to the design documents, and backfill the soil as per the actual site conditions.

630kva substation

Installing Hotline, Acceptance Test for Transformer Substations

Quang Anh CE Co., Ltd. would like to wish our valued customers health and success.

With a team of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and electricians who have been professionally trained and worked for many years in the power companies, consulting firms, and large construction companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Anh CE is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions for building electrical works from medium to low voltage up to 35kV, and constructing power lines and transformer substations of various types.

Our motto is “Best quality, fastest progress, safety above all, reasonable price, high technical and artistic assurance”. We pledge to provide customers with optimal solutions, energy-saving solutions and ensure safety.

To meet the needs of our customers in estimating and budgeting for the installation of transformer substations, Quang Anh CE would like to send our customers the basic price list for installing complete transformer substations of various types: 100KVA, 160KVA, 180KVA, 250KVA, 320KVA, 400KVA, 560KVA, 630KVA. We hope this information will be useful to you!


SN  22/0.4KV – 0.4/22KV Substation Transformer Subtation Capacity (KVA)         Price (VNĐ)
1 1x100KVA 100KVA ( Reference for transformer subtation equipment ) LH: 0919758191
2 1x160KVA 160KVA ( Reference for transformer subtation equipment ) LH: 0919758191
3 1x250KVA 250KVA ( Reference for transformer subtation equipmentkhảo vật tư trạm ) LH: 0919758191
4 1x320KVA 320KVA ( Reference for transformer subtation equipmentkhảo vật tư trạm ) LH: 0919758191
5 1x400KVA 400KVA ( Reference for transformer subtation equipment ) LH: 0919758191
6 1x560KVA 560KVA ( Reference for transformer subtation equipment ) LH: 0919758191
7 1x630KVA 630KVA ( Reference for transformer subtation equipment ) LH: 0919758191

the price range for various types of outdoor transformer stations with the following power capacity: 630KVA, 750KVA, 800KVA, 1000KVA, 1630KVA, 1500KVA, 1600KVA, 2000KVA, 2500KVA, 3000KVA, 3200KVA, 3500KVA, 4000KVA, 5000KVA, 6300KVA  Seemore


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