At Quanganhcons, we don’t just build visually stunning and high-quality structures, we also create real value for your business. With dedication and professionalism, we are committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers in industrial plant construction, solar power plant construction, electrical systems, and transformer substations. We will accompany you throughout the project implementation, ensuring timely completion and cost savings. Let Quanganhcons be your partner in building large and small projects, helping your business go further on the path of development.


Reputation: – Quick respomse – Precision – Effectiveness – Always improving

Reputation: At Quang Anh, we are committed to delivering quality commitments to our customers, partners, community, and country as a driving force. Reputation is the honor of every individual in the team who strives to build, develop and maintain it.

Quick response: Our team of experienced and enthusiastic engineers in the construction industry will advise and select the fastest and most suitable solutions for each project.

Precision: With our expertise in construction products and industry standards, we always provide accurate information to our customers in the shortest time possible.

Efficiency: Leveraging our expertise and experience in the construction industry, we provide solutions and products that deliver maximum efficiency for our clients and their projects. We pride ourselves on delivering results that make a difference, and our commitment to efficiency is at the heart of everything we do.

Always improving: “Being a pioneer in innovation”, the company constantly researches and improves its customer service processes, as well as its products and services, to better serve customers.

Constructing an Industrial Plant

Welcome to Quanganhcons – the leading provider of industrial plant construction services in Vietnam. We are proud to offer high-quality industrial plant construction solutions that meet the production needs and comply with the standards and regulations in Vietnam, to both domestic and international businesses.By choosing us, you will experience the difference, as we prioritize “Safety – Trust – Quality – Progress” in every project at Quang Anh.

High quality, optimal solutions

We take pride in providing high quality industrial plant construction services that meet the needs of our customers with top-quality standards. With a team of professional engineers and staff, we are committed to providing optimal design and construction solutions that help customers maximize production efficiency.

Trusted Partner

Quanganhcons is a reliable partner with years of experience in building industrial plants, from heavy industries to small and medium-sized manufacturing. With the dedication and professionalism of our team, we have completed many industrial plant construction projects with reliable quality, affordable prices, and on-time delivery.

Sustainable Value

Quanganhcons is committed to providing industrial plant construction services that meet all customer requirements, from design to construction and completion. We always seek new ways to maximize production efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs for our customers with high-quality materials that are safe for the environment and comply with labor safety regulations.

Constructing a Solar Power Plant

Experience superior solar energy values with Quanganhcons – a leading expert and supplier of solar energy solutions in Vietnam. With the passion and expertise of our team of engineers and experienced professionals, we will help you save time and costs in building solar power systems, from rooftop combined with indoor transformer stations in factories and warehouses, to ground-mounted solar power stations and floating solar power systems. You can rest assured of the quality of our services and the best solutions when choosing Quanganhcons.

Comprehensive & distinctive

At Quanganhcons, quality is always our top priority. We take pride in bringing a difference in the way we approach and provide comprehensive solar solutions to our customers.

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Quanganhcons is committed to providing the highest level of dedication in the construction process, using high-quality materials and completing projects on schedule.

24/7 support

Quanganhcons commits to being always available to answer any questions and requests related to our customers’ solar power systems. With professionalism and dedication, we will ensure that your system operates continuously and stably, 24/7.

Constructing an Electrical System - Undergrounding Power Grid

Quanganhcons is a leading provider of comprehensive electrical system installation services for industrial plants. We can design and construct underground structures for low and medium voltage power grids, as well as transformer substations up to 35kV. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians use advanced technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. We prioritize safety and efficiency in all of our projects to help industrial plants operate smoothly and sustainably. With Quanganhcons’ assurance, you can trust in reliable and cost-effective solutions for your electrical system needs.

Efficiency, Quality

With a team of experienced engineers and technicians, Quanganhcons is committed to providing customers with the most optimal electrical system construction solutions, ensuring quality.

Value, professional

We are ready to work with our customers to create maximum value with professionalism and advanced technology.

Customers at the center

Quanganhcons always puts customers at the center of the service delivery process and creates the most effective solutions to ensure the stable and sustainable operation of the electrical system.