Quang Anh CE Co., Ltd. is a Vietnam-based electrical construction company that specializes in turnkey construction, design consultation, and implementation of up to 35KV electrical transmission lines and substations. We at Quang Anh CE have experienced strong and continuous growth. Our team is comprised of passionate and dynamic young professionals who have held key positions in prominent corporations and conglomerates in Vietnam. We have successfully designed and implemented numerous electrical supply systems, transmission lines, transformer substations, and industrial electrical boards to achieve high efficiency.

As one of the leading contractors in Vietnam, we provide our customers in factories, residential areas, industrial zones, high-rise buildings, and apartments with electrical systems, transformer substations, and industrial electrical boards that meet high technical standards and precise specifications. Our quality policy is based on providing genuine materials and equipment with full CO and CQ certificates, maintaining high accountability and timely project completion, using innovative construction techniques to adapt to each project’s unique characteristics, and always being ready to provide enthusiastic support and address customer concerns. Our pricing is competitive, ensuring the highest economic efficiency for the investor. Our entire leadership and staff are committed to implementing these quality policies. Please contact us for the best support for any of the above services.

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Why customers choose us!

Reputation – Speed – Accuracy – Efficiency – Continuous improvement

Reputation: Quang Anh is committed to quality assurance for our customers, partners, community, and country as a driving force. Reputation is the honor of each individual in the team who strives to build, promote and preserve it..

Speed: Our experienced and enthusiastic engineers in the electrical engineering field will advise and select the quickest and most suitable solutions for the project.

Accuracy: With a deep understanding of the products in the field of electrical engineering and the relevant standards, our company always provides accurate information to customers in the shortest possible time.

Efficiency: Based on the knowledge and experience in the field, the company only provides solutions and products that bring efficiency to customers and their projects.

Improvement:Always being a pioneer in innovation, the company continuously researches and improves its customer service processes, as well as its products and services to better serve its customers.

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Installation of Overhead and Underground Transmission Line

Quang Anh has a large team of highly skilled electricians and engineers, numbering in the hundreds for each project, with a diverse range of construction equipment. Quang Anh is the best choice for customers with large turnkey projects such as overhead medium voltage lines, robot drilling, excavation and restoration, underground low and medium voltage power grid, which require high technical and safety standards and fast progress.We value customer satisfaction and therefore do not compromise on product quality or workmanship when it comes to Quang Anh’s services.With us, customers will experience the difference, as “Safety – Reputation – Quality – Progress” are the most important things in every project.

Installation of Overhead Medium Voltage Power Lines

We provide services for installing high-quality, safe, and fast overhead medium voltage power lines with pole planting and wire pulling. We are the best choice for our customers.

Excavating and restoring underground cable trenches

Excavating and restoring underground cable trenches can be done entirely by machinery such as drilling robots, excavation equipment, cranes, concrete excavators, etc. or by manual labor. 

Undergrounding of low and medium voltage power grid system installation

Undergrounding of low and medium voltage power grid system installation is done as a turnkey project ensuring safety, technical expertise, and quality service to give our clients peace of mind. 

Constructing transformer subtations

QUANG ANH CE provides full-package construction of all types of transformer stations approved in Vietnam such as hanging transformer stations, gantry transformer stations, single-column steel pole transformer stations, ground transformer stations, box-type transformer stations, and compact substations.

All materials and equipment used in the construction of transformer stations are guaranteed to have clear origins. They come with all necessary certificates of quality, CO&CQ production records, and approvals from the Electricity Industry before being installed on the grid.

Transformer oil machines such as Thibidi, Sanaky, Shihlin, EMC, EEMC, and HEM, as well as Siemens, Schneider and ABB dry transformers, are used.

Eaton, Schneider RMUs, Nulec/Schneider Reclosers, LBS RB/Schneider and 3M cable heads and boxes are used for connection purposes.

Cutting and control devices from Mitsubishi, Schneider, LS, and ABB are utilized, such as air circuit breakers (ACB), MCCBs (Molded Case Circuit Breakers), and contactors. Electric cables from Cadivi, Tai Truong Thanh, and LS are also available.

QUANG ANH CE CO., LTD always ensures the quality of each piece of equipment in transformer stations and constructs electrical works on schedule.

Vietnam substation company

Single pole mounted transformer

Hanging transformer station or low-voltage hanging transformer subtation with capacities ranging from 3x15KVA to 3x100KVA.

Two pole mounted transformer

Two pole mounted transformer or low-voltage pole-mounted substation with a capacity ranging from 160KVA to 630KVA..

One pillar transformer substation

The power capacity of the transformer used for this substation ranges from 100KVA to 630KVA.

Outdoor substation

Step-down substation installed on the ground, also known as pad-mounted substation, with a capacity ranging from 320KVA to 6300KVA.

indoor substation

Indoor substation

Transformer substation room, also known as indoor substation, with capacity ranging from 320KVA to 4000KVA.

Kiosk substation

Dry or oil-immersed transformers and low-voltage equipment are placed in a waterproof enclosure. The capacity ranges from 160KVA to 7500KVA.


We provide turnkey solutions for building electrical systems for factories and workshops, ensuring stable and safe electrical systems that meet standards. We supply and install motor control panels, lighting systems, control systems, and perform dynamic cable pulling for construction.

Low voltage power factor correction cabinet

Capacity from 50 Kvar – 1200Kvar.

MSB (Main Switch Board) Electrical Cabinet

MSB electrical cabinet is installed in combination with a power factor correction cabinet and needs to be designed to suit the capacity of the substation transformer.

Lighting, fire protection cabinet, and ATS cabinet

Used to control the fire protection system, lighting, and ATS cabinet to control priority load and non-priority load with one main power source and one backup power source.

Installation of RMU cabinets, junction boxes, and underground cable heads

Supply and installation of RMU cabinets

Quang Anh provides supply and installation of Eaton, Schneider, and ABB RMU cabinets. We also perform underground cable termination and jointing using 3M splice boxes, Raychem, and other related products.…..

Installation of underground cable joint box

We provide technical services for the installation of underground cable joint boxes for 22kV and 35kV medium voltage power grids from brands such as 3M and Raychem…

Installation of underground cable heads

We provide technical services for the installation of underground cable heads for medium and low voltage grids of 3M, Raychem, and other brands……

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