Project: Upgrading TBA capacity from 250kVA (22/0.4kV) to 630kVA (22/0.4kV) (No.01-2) to supply electricity to ASUZAC (ACM) factory.

Location: Road No. 8, VSIP Industrial Park, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province.

Owner: ASUZAC ACM Co., Ltd.

Project Information

On November 1st, 2021, Quang Anh started the construction of a project to increase the capacity of the transformer station from 250kVA (22/0.4kV) to 630kVA (22/0.4kV) to provide electricity for the Asuzac factory (ACM).

The project includes the construction of a 22kV power line, a 400KVA transformer station, and the installation of low-voltage cables to the MSB electric cabinet in the Asuzac factory.

The project name is “Increasing the capacity of the transformer station from 250kVA to 630kVA (22/0.4kV)”. The location is on Road No. 8, VSIP Industrial Park, Thuan An, Binh Duong. The voltage level for connection is 22kV. The purpose of the project is for production.

Project Details:

1.Project Overview

A construction project to upgrade the capacity of a substation from 250kVA to 630kVA (22/0.4kV) to provide electricity to the Asuzac ACM factory in Thuận An, Bình Dương. The project involves the construction of a complete 22kV power line and 400kVA substation, installation of low-voltage cables to the MSB switchgear at the factory, and the use of existing underground power supply cables.

The project was started on November 1, 2021, and aimed to ensure continuous power supply for the factory’s production. The technical specifications for the 630kVA substation include the use of a Cu/XLPE/PVC 1x25mm2-24kV overhead medium-voltage cable, with existing grounding equipment. The substation has a capacity of 630kVA and is located outside, with a range of protection devices, including a recloser, LBFCO, MCCB, and relays. There are also current transformers, potential transformers, and electricity meters.

Upgrading substation capacity

At MSB-1-2 electrical cabinet, the low-voltage cable will be connected to protective devices such as MCCB 3P-1000A, Ground Fault Relay, and Overcurrent Relay to protect the plant. In addition, a measuring system will also be installed here, including 3 new current transformers (CTs) and 3 existing voltage transformers (VTs).

To ensure safety and cost savings, the protective devices and measuring system will be installed on existing accessory frames such as poles and insulators, helping to save time and construction costs.

1.Technical specifications of the 630KVA substation medium-voltage power line:

Conductor type: Existing 1x25mm2-24kV Cu/XLPE/PVC overhead cable. Equipment grounding: Existing.

2.Specifications of the 630KVA transformer substation:

Upgrading substation capacity

Transformer capacity: 630KVA (newly installed)

Voltage rating: 22/0.4kV Δ/Y

Substation location: Installed outdoors on a foundation Protection equipment: [missing information]

3.On the medium voltage side:

Upgrading substation capacity

  • Shared use of 01 Recloser 24kV – 630A (brand new) reconfigured to protect substations 1 and 2 of Asuzac factory.
  • Existing 03 LBFCO 24kV – 200A + replacement of 65K fuse at the supply pole (brand new)
  • Existing 03 LBFCO 24kV – 100A + replacement of 20K fuse for transformer substation operation management.

On the low voltage side: Use MCCB 3P-1000A in combination with 01 Ground Fault Relay and 01 Overcurrent Relay to protect the factory (brand new).

Crossarm: existing Insulation: existing Measurement system: Current transformer (CT): 03 CTs 65/130A – 24kV (brand new) Voltage transformer (VT): 03 VTs 12000/120V – 24kV (existing) Electric meter: reconfigured Conductors:

  • On the medium voltage side of the 630KVA transformer substation: existing
  • On the low voltage side:

Phase wire: using 02 copper cables with 600V-CXV insulation 1Cx240mm2 Neutral wire: using 01 copper cable with 600V-CXV insulation 1Cx240mm2. Grounding of the substation: existing Low voltage compensation capacitor: To ensure the power factor (cosj) of the brand new substation is ³9, install a 250kVAr low voltage compensation capacitor bank. Protection accessories for equipment terminal:

  • Cover for the terminal head of the primary side transformer MBA.


The project owner is Asuzac ACM Co., Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers in Vietnam in the field of electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing.

The main contractor of the project is Quang Anh Construction Electricity Company, a company experienced in constructing power infrastructure projects, including transformer substations and medium-voltage lines.


The expected construction time of the project is about 3 months, starting from November 1, 2021, and ending in late January 2022, prolonged due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The construction stages will be clearly and specifically divided, including design, material and equipment preparation, installation and completion, inspection, and acceptance.


Upgrading substation capacity

The project to increase the capacity of the 250kVA (22/0.4kV) transformer substation to 630kVA (22/0.4kV) (No.01-2) supplying power to the Asuzac plant will bring many benefits to the company and the community, including:

  • Enhancing the power supply capacity for the plant, helping to increase production output and business efficiency of the company.
  • Ensuring a stable and safe power supply source for the plant, avoiding incidents affecting production activities.
  • Improving the reliability and efficiency of the electrical system at the plant, helping to reduce repair and maintenance time.
  • Creating new job opportunities for workers during the project construction process.
  • Contributing to the development of the local and national economy.


The project to increase the capacity of the 250kVA (22/0.4kV) transformer substation to 630kVA (22/0.4kV) (No.01-2) supplying power to the Asuzac plant is an important and meaningful project for the company and the community. With a tight construction plan and the use of modern equipment, we believe that the project will be successfully completed, bringing many benefits to all parties involved.

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Upgrading substation capacity


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