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As the electric vehicle (EV) market in Vietnam is rapidly growing with the introduction of new models, there’s an observed imbalance in the development of EV charging infrastructure. Leading EV investors have built extensive charging systems primarily serving their own vehicle models. Conversely, several startups with less capital are flexibly entering the market, establishing charging stations that support various EV brands, thereby enhancing accessibility and convenience for users.

BMI Research and Fitch Solutions predict strong growth in Vietnam’s EV market, with potential sales doubling this year. However, the development of charging stations is not keeping pace with the increasing demand.

QuangAnhcons offers high-quality EV charging station construction services, featuring advanced technical solutions and sustainability. The company, with its experienced team of engineers, is committed to providing effective and safe charging station construction solutions for all types of electric vehicles. QuangAnhcons’ services include designing and constructing comprehensive electrical systems for EV charging stations, such as building medium and low voltage lines up to 35kv, various types of transformer stations, and kiosk stations supplying power for EV charging. Additionally, the company provides consultancy on technology selection and efficient operational management.

For businesses and individuals interested in developing charging station infrastructure, QuangAnhcons offers a complete package from surveying and designing to deployment and maintenance, ensuring efficient and stable operation of your charging stations. Contact QuangAnhcons for more detailed information and the best consultancy for your project.

QuangAnhcons is proud to introduce its high-quality EV charging station construction service, bringing advanced charging infrastructure solutions to meet the growing needs of Vietnam’s EV market. The company understands that the development of charging stations is key to the growth of the EV market and commits to providing international standard construction services, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Why Choose QuangAnhcons?

1. Quality: With experience and expertise, QuangAnhcons provides international standard EV charging station construction solutions, including fast and standard charging, catering to all customer needs and vehicle types.

2. Wide Reach: Projects are not limited to commercial centers or residential areas but extend to main roads and public areas, maximizing convenience for users.

3. Advanced Technology: Incorporating advanced technology and intelligent management systems, QuangAnhcons’ charging station construction service ensures fast, safe, and convenient charging.

4. Attentive Customer Service: The customer service team is always ready to support 24/7, ensuring the best service experience for customers.

5. Sustainable Environment: Charging stations are designed with a vision for a green future, contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution.

Our Commitment

QuangAnhcons commits to providing diverse EV charging station solutions, meeting all customer requirements with modern stations ranging from basic DC 11kW to DC 250kW and more. The company continually innovates and improves to ensure your charging stations are always in the best condition.

Contact QuangAnhcons – Hotline: 0919758191 for more information and start your journey with advanced EV charging infrastructure!

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