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To meet the increasing demand for electricity, ensuring a stable and safe power supply is extremely important. QuangAnhcons, with its deep understanding of practical needs and electrical engineering, has constructed and completed a 320kVA kiosk transformer station at 600 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, to power the office building located there.

The construction process of QuangAnhcons’ 320kVA kiosk transformer station included the following key steps:

– Using a 3M50mm2 underground cable to connect the VCB compartment of the 24KV VRAC medium voltage cabinet with 6 compartments to the transformer station, providing a continuous and stable power supply to the city’s electrical grid.

320kva substation

The specifications of the 6-compartment RMU cabinet are as follows:

– KKT: A 3-function cabinet – 2 LBS 630A load break switches and 1 LBS 630 load break switch + fuse.
– KKV: A 3-function cabinet – 2 LBS 630A load break switches and 1 VCB circuit breaker.

320kva substation

The specifications of the 24KV VCB 1-compartment cabinet:

– SF6 insulation, DS 630A disconnector, VCB 200A breaker.
– Vacuum interruption environment and SF6 insulation environment.
– Relays 50/51; 50N/51N, external power source 24VDC, CTs 600/1A 5P20, 220VAC 50W heating unit.

The construction also included the installation of a new 3M50mm2 medium-voltage underground cable head, a 3P 5A-220/380V electricity meter; three low-voltage 500/5A TI for energy measurement at the transformer station, and the reuse of a 3P 500A 0.6KV MCCB for low-voltage switching.

320kva substation

The completion of the 320kVA transformer station, full testing of the transformer station before acceptance, and powering up the kiosk transformer station 320kVA to supply electricity to the building were also key components of the project.

The construction of the 320kVA kiosk transformer station at 600 Dien Bien Phu is not only a testament to QuangAnhcons’ capability in construction and project management but also marks a new step in meeting the needs for developing electrical infrastructure in modern cities. With the completion of this construction project, QuangAnhcons affirms its position as a leader in the construction and renovation of medium and low voltage electrical systems and transformer stations, as well as electric vehicle fast-charging stations up to 35kV, aiming towards sustainable community development. We are proud to offer optimal technical solutions that ensure safety and efficiency. For more detailed information about QuangAnhcons’ services and project consultancy, please contact us via the hotline: +84 9 1975 8191.

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