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Successful Completion of 22kV Power Line and 2500KVA Transformer Substation for German FDI Industrial Plant in Vietnam by Quang Anh CE Co., Ltd


Quang Anh Construction Electricity Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the construction of a new 22kV power line and 3P 2500KVA 22/0.4KV transformer station for the industrial plant of a German foreign direct investment (FDI) company. The project was completed in collaboration with the investor and relevant departments of the local power company, in Long Hau 3 Industrial Park (Phase 1), Long Hau Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, Vietnam.

Main Tasks Completed for Successful Construction of 22kV Power Line and Transformer Station

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The main tasks involved constructing a new underground cable line of 3x70mm2 24kV, robotic drilling of hot-mix asphalt concrete road, installation of a 2500KVA 22/0.4kV kiosk transformer substation using dry-type transformers, 4000A ACB, and 1000KVAR low-voltage capacitor banks. Additionally, a Cooper/Eaton 24KV 630A Recloser and DS 3P 24Kv 630A were installed, and nearly 1000 meters of 300mm2 low-voltage underground cable were pulled, with the installation of a 4000A MDB.

Project Completion and Quang Anh’s Experience in Electrical Systems Construction


The project was completed according to the approved design, and all necessary procedures were fulfilled before its use on March 28, 2023. With extensive experience in construction and installation of various electrical systems for residential buildings, high-rise buildings, and industrial plants, Quang Anh has met the stringent requirements of FDI companies in Vietnam. The company has received high evaluations and large project awards from FDI companies in Vietnam.

Commitment and Future Plans of Quang Anh Construction Electricity Co., Ltd

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Quang Anh is committed to providing FDI companies with the most professional, quality, and cost-effective services, from project design to implementation, ensuring compliance with all international standards and Vietnamese legal regulations. The company prioritizes reputation, quality, environmental protection, and uses advanced technologies to minimize the impact of its projects on the surrounding environment. This not only ensures sustainable development but also demonstrates the company’s social responsibility to the community.


With the strong development of the Vietnamese economy and increasing demand for electrical systems, Quang Anh is prepared to cooperate with FDI enterprises to provide the most effective solutions for their projects. The company aims to become a reliable partner of FDI enterprises in Vietnam and contribute to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese economy.

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If you require advice or services for construction and installation of electrical systems, please contact Quang Anh for the best consultation and support. The company is committed to providing you with optimal, high-quality solutions to meet your needs.

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