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In today’s demanding world for sustainable and efficient energy solutions, QuangAnhcons is at the forefront, providing comprehensive services for the construction of transformer stations and transmission lines. Our mission extends beyond merely supplying power; we aim to enhance your future through the development of advanced and sustainable electrical infrastructure. Our services include the complete package for setting up 160kVA transformer stations in Vietnam, offering an in-depth look at cost percentages, technical details of materials and equipment, and additional services, ensuring our clients are well-informed for effective project planning and management.

Estimation and Cost Breakdown

22kV Transmission Line Composition and Budget Allocation

The creation of a transmission line is crucial for the smooth operation of any substation, requiring a wide range of components:

– The line is built on centrifugally spun concrete poles, reinforced with iron, equipped with various insulators, and supported by a comprehensive selection of cables, ensuring the 22kV transmission line’s efficiency and dependability.

Include:14m centrifugally spun concrete pole, Iron brace L2400x75x75x8mm/Zn, Bracing bar 60x6x920/Zn, 24kV Standing Insulator + Ty, 24kV Polymer Suspension Insulator, AXV 50mm2 insulated cable (phase conductor), Bare AC 50mm2 cable (neutral conductor), CXV 25mm2 insulated cable (phase conductor), FCO 200A-24kV polymer + brass, Lead wire 20K, FCO cap (top and bottom), 2.4m composite brace + bracing bar, 3P 4 wire 120/60V – 5A electronic meter, Cu/XLPE/PVC 4Cx25mm2 cable – 0.6/1kV, Electric meter composite cabinet size H500 x W300 x D200, Earth connection for transmission line, Pole foundation, Transmission line testing, Transmission line accessories, Full package labor.

– The total investment for this component stands at 16.38% of the overall project budget.

160kva substation price

160kVA Substation Setup: Materials and Cost Analysis

– The infrastructure’s backbone consists of poles, braces, insulators, and foundational materials, vital for stability.

– Key equipment includes: 14m centrifugally spun concrete pole, Iron brace V75x75x8x2.6m with hole center at 2.4m (3 covers, 80 cover, insulator + FCO mount), Iron brace V75x75x8x2.6m with hole center at 2.4m (no cover, MSB + compensation box mount), U-brace 100×0.5m, U-brace 100×1.1m, U-brace 200×2.8m (hole center 2.4m), 24kV Polymer Standing Insulator DR600 + rod, Transformer station accessories, Pole foundation, 24KV insulated C/XLPE/PVC 25mm2 cable, CV/600V-150mm2 cable (Transformer output), CV/600V-95mm2 cable (Transformer output), Oil Transformer 3 Phase 160KVA- 22/0.4KV, FCO 200A-24kV polymer + brass, Lead wire 20K, Top and bottom FCO cap, LA 18KV 10KA, Top and bottom LA cap, 2 compartment MSB cabinet (MCCB + reactive power compensation), MCCB 3P 250A, 80Kvar compensation panel, PVC Pipe D114, PVC Pipe bend D114, PVC Pipe connector D114, PVC Pipe collier clip D114, Nameplate for FCO, pole, station, no climbing warning, Transformer station earth connection, Equipment testing, Full package labor.

– The cost for this segment constitutes 66% of the total project expenditure.

160kva substation price

 Additional Financial Considerations: From Design to Delivery

– Encompassing initial design work to the logistics of material transport, these costs ensure adherence to the highest quality standards.

– This segment represents 17.62% of the total project budget.

160kva substation price

Financial Overview

The total cost of constructing a transformer station, along with detailed breakdowns of individual expenses, can be found in the video embedded in this article. This comprehensive visual guide provides viewers with an in-depth analysis of the financial aspects involved in setting up a transformer station, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips for informed decision-making.

Detailed Implementation Process

– The project timeline spans 45 days, adhering to standard regulations and ensuring efficient coordination with relevant bodies.

 Structured Financial Arrangements

– A flexible payment schedule aligned with major project milestones is designed to offer financial convenience to our clients.

Warranty and Support

– QuangAnhcons guarantees a 12-month warranty along with dedicated after-sales support, ensuring your system’s uninterrupted performance.

Legal Guidance and Compliance

– Comprehensive information on required legal documentation and procedures for substation construction in Vietnam, ensuring complete legal compliance.

QuangAnhcons is committed to delivering excellence in construction services, highlighted by transparent cost structures and extensive experience. Our customer support is available around the clock to provide assistance.

For a tailored consultation and detailed quote on establishing a turnkey 160kVA 22/0.4kV transformer station, reach out to us. Our experts are ready to guide you through planning, costing, and legal requirements, ensuring a smooth construction process. Contact QuangAnhcons today at (+84) 9 1975 8191.

Remember, all mentioned costs and procedures are indicative and may vary based on specific site conditions and market changes. Direct communication is advised for the most current information and personalized service.


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