Power Compensation & Harmonic Filter Panel

MSB are used in low-voltage networks and also is the most important component in the power distribution network. This type of electrical panels are installed in the electrical engineering room of the industrial buildings such as factory, Industrial Workshop, Commercial Centre, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Ports, Airports … It is placed at the rear of LV Substation and the front of low-voltage distribution Boards (DB).

Main switchboard – assembled unit of electrotechnical components. It is used for receiving, measuring and distribution of electrical energy and protects the network from overload, short-circuit and current leak.

When main switchboard is equipped with energy meters, it is possible to measure and control energy consumption. Also this equipment automatically connects to back up power supply in case of emergency. Main switchboard usually consists of several cabinets mounted on the floor. On the doors of cabinets are installed signaling and control devices, which allow read the status about the operation of the equipment.

Thus, MSB is an important and responsible part of the electricity network. Taking into account industrial requirements and correctly choosing devices main switchboard helps to avoid power loss and downtimes in production.  For immediate response to emergency situations it is recommended to equip main switchboard with remotely operated devices.


Panels, that are part of the main distribution boards

There are three main types of panels that that belongs to main switchboard:

• sectional panels;
• linear panels;
• incomer panels.

Sectional panel includes circuit breaker which provides power supply from one input to several sections. Sectional panels can be equipped with automatic source change over systems, which provide uninterrupted power supply and guarantee stability of all system.

Linear panels are used to distribute load between incoming lines.

In the incomer panels are mounted circuit breakers which are connected to transformers. Also incomer panels are equipped with energy meters for measuring energy consumption.