LV Compensation & Filtering Products
Providing Power Quality and Energy Efficiency
Low (LV) reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering solutions help customers to
improve the performance of installations through energy savings and better power quality,
enabling end users to save money and reduce the environmental impact of their
GE offers compensation equipment, a wide range of products and one-off solutions at low
voltage levels. Specialists analyse the exact needs of the application and engineer the right
solutions for optimal efficiency and economy.

Product Features
QUANGANHCGTE’s power factor controllers provide your network with efficient
reactive power compensation, measurement and supervision.
User-friendliness and Condition Monitoring
User-friendliness due to multilingual user interface, clear text and
symbol messages, graphics, alarm log and communication. GE’s
power factor controller offers advanced condition monitoring for
your network as well as for the capacitor bank. The supervision
and condition monitoring functions add to the simplified
programming with intelligent self-set-up to ensure optimal use of
the reactive power compensation system.
 Automatic reactive power control of low and medium voltage
capacitor banks (tuned, detuned and conventional)
Typical Customers
 Panel builders
 LV switchboard manufacturers
Key Advantages
 Optimized user interface for easy operation
 Intelligent stepping algorithm for optimum step utilization and
fast response
 All traditional stepping sequences also available
 Quick and simple mounting and wiring
 Insensitive to current transformer polarity
 Monitoring and protection
 Several language versions
 Robust construction
 Various step programs