lv panel


A Robust design:

– Extensively Type Tested according to IS 8632 Part 1

– Standardize system, designed for the maximum safety and reliability.
– Exclusively designed for Quang Anh CGTE components, guarantee of the highest performance and safest use of components from the world leader in protection and control.

Focusing on Safety, Reliability and adaptation to high-end needs…

  1. Certified IS 8632 compliance  limiting
    • Limiting thermal rise effects
    • Short-circuit withstand.
    • To withstand harsh environment, we provide epoxy coating on switchboards.

With all low voltage applications necessary in large industrial sites, large commercial buildings     and infrastructure…- both withdrawable and fixed designs available. – Electrical distribution, with Merlin Gerin circuit breakers: busbar rating up to 4000 / 5000A in Aluminum, Cu busbar offer is optional

– completely centralized motor control, using state-of-the-art Telemecanique components: conventional, variable speed drives and soft-starters.
– power factor and harmonics compensation.


Safe and Dependable

Safety, reliability and performance of a low voltage switchboard equipment, designed and type-tested (as per IS 8632 -1) exclusively with components from Schneider, LS. Mitsubishi…

  • Vast Experience dealing with local condition offers flexibility in project management, adaptability to local project habits and end-user needs

large installed base in all industrial and large power consuming sectors, in harsh environments and heavy-duty operating conditions.


  • Medium and large industrial sites: Mining, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, manufacturing industry, Metal processing,
  • Medium / large commercial and building areas: Shopping malls, Hotels,
  • Infrastructures: Water treatment, Airport/Harbors, local electrical distribution.