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Quang Anh CE Co.,LTD

QUANG ANH CE CO.,LTD is founded in Vietnam, We are a leading automation company working in design, producting the electrical board, industrial automation systems  field, provide solutions and engineering for customers in the fields of industrial and commercial markets in applications of Process and Industrial Automation, Commercial & Residential Solutions, and has been developing in Cambodia and India. Its vision is to be a leading Contractor in Asia Region.


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Regular trainings are internally and internationally organized for all experts, engineers and technicians to improve their skills and update new technologies.


Xây Lắp Điện Quang Anh’s equipment is modern, in compliance with advanced technologies to meet market requirements.

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Here are some of reasons why our customers choose Quang Anh CGTE

Offers you unique profession electrical board product &exceptional quality
Highly Skilled and Trained Professionals;
Reliable from beginning to end;
Strong Reputation, Repeat Clients and strong Client Base;
Passion and Creativity about the clients business and being a part of their growth;
We delivers complete improve electrical system quality development solutions – Increase power factor correction, active harmonic filter in electrical system
we create customized designs according to your specific taste, brand and objectives;
Quick turnaround times – we implement your solution quickly;
Creation of new designs & revamps of existing designs;
Courteous & responsive customer service

and many more reasons…

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